Saturday, June 8th 10am-5pm
Location: BSD Hamilton 15 Walnut Rd

Each dancer must pay a $5 CASH sitting fee,

which includes group shots, solo shot, and one sibling shot of your choice. 

For levels with multiple costumes, the order will go Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern.

Ex. Level 1/2 will do Ballet photo first with pink  tights, then will do Jazz with tan tights second.

Dancers should arrive with hair and makeup done.


Tiny Tots/Tot Hop:  Lipstick and Blush only with hair in a neat HIGH bun.

(Makeup for Tiny Tots is by discretion of the parent, not required)

Level Classes 1-4, Petite, Hip Hop, Irish Step:

Girls:  Hair should be in a neat tight HIGH bun (unless otherwise specified) with bobby pins, a hair net, and a lot of hairspray. NO BANGS OR WISPIES.

Full makeup includes eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and dark RED lipstick. Natural color eye makeup preferred.

Boys: No make-up necessary, but please do hair neatly with bangs off the face.

BoSoma Youth Company/Jr. Intermediate:

Two French braids wrapped into flat low bun. Please arrive early to Picture Day for hair help

Once your child’s group shots and solo shots have been taken, you are free to leave!




Tiny Tots 1&2 Tuesday 3:30pm

Tiny Tots 1&2 Thurs 3:30pm

MAC Level 1/2 B/T/J 3:30pm

Level 1/2 B/T/J Monday 3:30pm

Tiny Tots 1 & 2 Monday 3:30pm



Tot Hot & Tumbling Monday 4:00pm 

Tot Hop & Tumbling Friday 3:30pm 

MAC Children’s Hip Hop 5:00pm 

Tiny Tots 1 Monday 9:30am 

Tiny Tots 2 Weds 1:30pm



Tot Hop & Tumbling Sat 9:00am

Tiny Tots 1 & 2 Sat 10:00am 

Level 1/2 B/T/J Sat 10:00am

Level 3/4 B/T/J Sat 11:30am 

Level 3/4 B/T/J Friday 3:30pm



Beginner Hip Hop Monday 5:00pm

Irish Step Level 1 Thurs 4:00pm

Irish Step Level 2 Thurs 5:00pm

Acro for Dancers (6-9) Monday 6:00pm



Beginner Hip Hop Friday 4:30pm

Intermediate Hip Hop Tuesday 7:00pm

Intermediate Hip Hop Thurs 5:00pm

Teen Hip Hop Monday 7:00pm

Petite Ballet Monday 5:00pm

Petite Tap/Jazz Monday 6:00pm



Irish Step Level 3 Thurs 6:00

Irish Step Level 4 Thurs 7:00

Jr Intermediate B/T/J/Modern 

Jr. Advanced B/T/J/Modern 

Senior B/T/J/Modern 



Each student must pay a $5 CASH sitting fee,

which includes group shot, solo shot, and one sibling shot of your choice. 

For an additional cost, a "Friend" shot is available for purchase.


Printed photos in a variety of sizes per student and group will be available for purchase at both recitals in the lobby. 


Students are not required to participate in Picture Day, however, we would appreciate it if you would let us know that your dancer will not be attending. Please email info@bosomaschool.com if your child is unable to attend Picture Day. 

BoSoma School of Dance - Locations and Hours

Hamilton Location

15 Walnut Road

Hamilton, MA 01982

(978) 977-3262

Email:  info@bosomaschool.com

Hamilton Studio Hours: 
Mondays 8am-12pm, 3pm-7:30pm
Tuesdays 8am-12pm, 3pm-7:30pm
Wednesdays 8am-8:30pm
Thursdays 8am-12pm, 3pm-8:30pm
Fridays 8am-6:30pm
Saturdays 7:30am-2pm
Sundays 8am-9:30am

Georgetown Location

52 Central Street

Georgetown, MA 01833

(978) 352-2713

Email: info@bosomaschool.com

Georgetown Studio Hours:

Mondays 9am-11am, 3pm-8:30pm

Tuesdays 9am-11am, 3:30pm-8pm

Wednesdays 3:30pm-8:30pm

Thursdays 3:30pm-8pm

Friday 3pm-5:30pm

Saturdays 9am-1:30pm

Manchester Athletic Club (MAC) Location

8 Atwater Avenue

Manchester, MA 01944

Phone:  (978) 526-8900 ext257

Email: programs@macathletics.com


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