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Sunday, March 19th

2:00pm Show & 6:30pm Show

Location: Dolan Performing Arts Center at Ipswich Middle School

Join us for a St. Patrick's Day Celebration featuring all of our Irish Step Students!

Under the direction of award-winning Irish Step instructor Pattie Hunter, these incredible Irish dance shows will feature talented dancers ages 5 to 18, performing traditional reels and jigs.

This is a family-friendly show, suitable for all ages and is a perfect way for family and friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

View the list below to see which show(s) your Irish Dancer will be performing in!

2:00pm Show Cast (Show 1)

Monday 5pm - Irish Level 1 & 2

Tuesday 5pm - Irish Level 1

Thursday 3:30pm - Irish Level 5

Thursday 4:30pm - Irish Level 3

Thursday 5:30pm - Irish Level 4 

Thursday 6:30pm - Advanced Irish

Saturday 10am - Irish Level 1

Saturday 12pm - Irish Level 1 & 2

6:30pm Show Cast (Show 2)

Monday 4pm - Irish Level 1

Wednesday 4pm - Georgetown Irish Level 1

Wednesday 5pm - Georgetown Irish Level 2

Thursday 3:30pm - Irish Level 5

Thursday 5pm - Irish Level 2

Thursday 5:30pm - Irish Level 4

Thursday 6:30pm - Advanced Irish

Dress Rehearsal/Show Day Schedule:

(10am) Level 4, Level 5, Advanced Irish classes arrive 

(10:30am-12pm) Dress Rehearsal for Level 4, Level 5, Advanced Irish & Finale Review

(11am) Show 1 Cast (2:00pm) classes arrive

(12pm-1pm) Show 1 Cast Dress Rehearsal & Finale Review

2:00pm Performance - Show 1

(4pm) Show 2 Cast (6:30pm) classes arrive 

(4:30pm-5:30pm) Show 2 Cast Dress Rehearsal & Finale Review

(3pm-5pm - Levels 4, 5, & Advanced are on break. Must be back to theater by 5pm)


6:30pm Performance - Show 2

Assigned Seating, $35 per ticket

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