*Revised November 22nd, 2021*

Effective November 22nd, 2021 the following UPDATE will be in place at all BSD locations:

Mask Policy effective 11/22-12/23: ALL students and faculty/staff, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear a mask for all classes. The policy regarding Tiny Tots classes (see below) remains the same.


MASK POLICY (effective 9/21)

  • Masks must be worn in all common areas (lobbies & hallways) despite vaccination status. This includes faculty, staff, students and parents/guardians.

  • All vaccinated students and faculty may remove their mask once they enter the studio for class. A COPY of Vaccination Card MUST be emailed to for our files prior to the start of class.

  • All unvaccinated students and faculty must continue to wear a mask at all times with the exception of water breaks. 

  • Masks are optional, at the discretion of the parent, for students enrolled in Tiny Tots classes

    • If you would prefer your Tiny Tot to wear a mask, please let their teacher know on the first day of class so that we can make the note on our rosters.​

    • If your Tiny Tots will be wearing a mask for class, please have them wear it in common areas.

  • If any Parent has any concerns, please reach out to and we will address the situation.

General Policy

No one who feels sick, has a fever or lives with a person who is sick, should attend in-studio dance classes. Those who believe they have been exposed to Covid-19 should seek testing and self-quarantine for 14 days.  Dancers with any medical conditions that might make them particularly at risk if infected with Covid-19 should be asked to provide the studio with written approval from a physician.

Student Drop Off

  • Waiting rooms are CLOSED to all non-dance participants, however as needed, parents of Tiny Tots may stay at the discretion of the teacher. 

  • Dancers ages 6 and under will be allowed ONE parent or guardian to bring them into the studio, then leave once class has started. 

  • Dancers ages 7+ must be dropped off at the front door of our studios.

  • Dancers should arrive and enter the building just before their class and leave immediately following class so as not to congregate.

Student Pick Up

  • Parents may come into the lobbies of our studios for pick up ONLY. 

  • There will be NO pick up or drop off allowed using the back alleyway this year. The agreement we had arranged with our landlord no longer applies. 

  • BSD ANNEX - there is NO lobby space in the Annex so parents are not allowed to stay or come into the space earlier than pick up time. The storefront windows will allow you to observe if you choose to watch/when you arrive for pick up.


  • We will continue to disinfect the floors and barres in each studio between every class.

  • Bathrooms will be regularly disinfected throughout the day in addition to normal cleaning.

  • Hand sanitizer stations remains available throughout the studios and use is encouraged.

  • Windows will be open during classes to increase air flow.

  • HVAC systems in all studios have undergone their bi-annual filter change and cleaning to ensure proper air flow.

Please Note: BSD is a privately owned business, therefore we are not mandated by the Massachusetts DESE regarding mask requirements. However, we are following recommendations by the CDC and MDPH (Massachusetts Department of Public Health).

Please check back regularly for updates.