*Revised August 26, 2020*

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View Phase 2 Guidelines for Dance Studios

The following procedures & protocols will be implemented at BSD upon the reopening of both studio locations in September. We urge you to read thoroughly and begin to prepare yourself and your dancer for these procedures. A remote option to attend classes via Zoom will be available for all families that choose to not send their children to in studio classes. Email with requests, concerns or questions. 

General Procedures

  • All classes will start 5 minutes late and end 5 minutes early in order to facilitate transitions between classes and for faculty to sanitize the studios and disinfect their hands. 

  • Waiting rooms are CLOSED to all non-dance participants until further notice. If a dancer has free time between classes, they must wear their mask and wait in the lobby in a socially distant manner. Students will not be able to access the kitchen at this time. 

  • Dancers must enter and leave the building in an orderly, socially distanced manner as monitored by BSD stationed inside the front door.

  • All BSD Faculty and Staff will be wearing a clear face shield or face mask at all times and complete a wellness check prior to each shift.

  • No food is allowed in the studios. Water will be restricted to personal water bottles. At this time, the water bubbler will be off limits for use, so plan accordingly as far as how much water your child may need.

  • Dancers are encouraged to use the bathroom at home prior to coming to the studio. Bathrooms will not be allowed for changing and will only be allowed to be used in an emergency. Bathrooms will be disinfected after every use.

  • For proper airflow during classes, all windows throughout the classrooms and waiting areas will be open even if the AC or heat is on. The HVAC systems at both locations receive bi-annual servicing at which point the filters are replaced in order to make sure the air circulation through out our spaces is clean and efficient. 

  • Each studio's floors, doors, and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected between each class. 

  • No one who feels sick, has a fever or lives with a person who is sick should attend in-studio dance classes. Those who believe they have been exposed to Covid-19 should seek testing and self-quarantine for 14 days.  Dancers with any medical conditions that might make them particularly at risk if infected with Covid-19 are asked to provide the studio with written approval from a physician.

Drop Off

  • Dancers must enter the building wearing a mask, arriving just before their class and leaving immediately following class so as not to congregate. 

  • Dancers must be dropped off at the front door of our studios, check in with our BSD staff at the door, and use hand sanitizer stationed at the inside of the door upon entering and exiting the building.

  • Dancers ages 6 and under will be allowed ONE parent or guardian to bring them into the studio while wearing a mask, then leave once class has started and return for pick up 5 minutes before the end of the class time. 

Pick Up  

  • We request that all students under the age of 10 have a parent/guardian come to the door to pick up their child. Please be on time for the end of your child’s class, as each class will end 5 minutes earlier than scheduled in order to manage the transition of students.   

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at each classroom door in Hamilton and within each of the classrooms at both Hamilton and Georgetown locations. Students will be encouraged to sanitize hands before and after classes.

Student Procedures

  • All dancers are required to wear a mask throughout class. 

  • Dancers must arrive wearing their dance clothes, face mask and with hair done. 

  • Street shoes and coats should be removed prior to entering any studios and placed in a cubby or hanging rack in the lobby. Dance shoes should not be worn outside the studio. Dance styles that use sneakers or other street shoes require studio-only shoes.

  • Dancers may only bring their dance shoes and a clearly labeled water bottle into the studio where they will be placed in a designated area. 

  • Students will be assigned a designated a taped off section of space within each classroom to ensure social distancing.

  • Classrooms will refrain from hand-holding, high fives, hugs, fist bumps, partnering, and stickers.


We have instituted car pick up in the driveway behind our building for specific classes to ease the flow of students leaving and entering the Hamilton studio. If you received an email regarding pick up for your child's class, please read the important reminders below.

  • Back driveway is FOR PICK UP ONLY. NO DROP OFF is allowed. 

  • Cars must pull all the way to the right side of the driveway and wait in the line. Cars may not pass on the left to exit, but must wait until they get to the stop sign.

  • If you have a younger child who needs help getting into the car or carseat, please be ready to exit your car and get them settled in quickly.

  • Please place your child's name card in the drivers side window or reach your hand out the window with name card when you see BSD staff looking at cars. 

  • We cannot see name cards from the dashboard! Help us with a quicker and smoother transition by following above guidelines.

  • If you lose your name card, you can make your own! We just need first and last name!


If we are not able to open on September 14th as planned, your Annual Registration Fee and 1st month’s tuition will be transferred to the new opening date. 


Due to current restrictions and social distancing guidelines we are beginning our Fall Registration process with limited class sizes. Each class will also have a waitlist. When we are allowed to open up more spots per class, we will be able to get students on the waitlist signed up for their preferred classes or add additional classes as needed.


Online Fall Registration is now OPEN through the Classes & Registration tab above. Due to limited class sizes we recommend registering early as many classes have already filled. Please note that each class is designated with a specific recital show (A, B or C) to help you ensure that all of your child's classes are in the same recital performance. 

Please email with any questions about class recommendations.