Recital 2021 Final Details

VENUE DETAILS: The show will take place in a private parking lot within the Hamilton Crossing Plaza at 15 Walnut Road, Hamilton, MA. The stage area will be behind the CVS/Crosby’s sections of the plaza, to the LEFT of the MBTA parking lot. We have hired a tent company to set up a canopy tent (no sides) to cover both the stage and audience seating area from the sun and/or rain. Therefore the shows (and rehearsals) will GO ON as planned despite rain or heat, so we will not have a “rain date.” In the event of a hurricane, monsoon or tornado we will condense the shows to two available days and forgo the dress rehearsals.


TICKETS: Tickets to all shows are now on sale with no limit, first come, first served. Seating will be General Admission. No refunds - the show will happen rain or shine. Purchase your tickets through Eventbrite on our website:


SEATING: Each show’s running time is under 60 minutes with NO intermission. Seating is general admission. All ticket holders will wait in line outside of the tented seating area until 15 minutes prior to each show. 


PARKING: There is plenty of parking for audience members at Hamilton Crossing, however please do not park in the spots closest to the businesses in the plaza. Use the spots closest to the train. MBTA parking spots cost $4 per day during the week and $2 per day on weekends.


FLORACAUSE FLOWERS: If you ordered flower bouquets online through Floracause, you will be able to pick them up prior to the show at a designated table outside the seating area. We recommend stopping at the table before you get in line to be seated.


SHIER’S PHOTOS: If you purchased a photo package from Picture Day they will be ready for pick up at the studio location your child attends by the week of June 14th. An email will be sent out to let parents know what time they will be available for pick up at the studio office that week. Any remaining packages will be held at the Welcome Table at Dress Rehearsals.




DANCER INFORMATION: Each dancer must arrive with completed hair & makeup, wearing tights (no underwear) and nude leotard (if received one) under their first costume. Any additional costumes should be carried on a hanger in a plastic garment bag. Please bring your red BSD bag containing: water, lipstick, all dance shoes (please be sure to label ALL items with your dancers name). NO snacks. NO toys/activities. All shows are under 60 minutes. Carpets will be laid out under each changing tent for students to sit on while waiting for their turn to dance. Dancers that are finished performing will be brought to the front of the stage to sit on the carpeted area to watch the rest of the show. There are no bathrooms available in the tented area, so please plan accordingly. The bathrooms in the studio will be open for use ONLY in an emergency. 


  • Tiny Tots - Hair should be in a neat tight HIGH bun at the crown of the head with bobby pins, a hair net, and a lot of hairspray. Red lipstick, blush if desired. Eye make up not recommended. 

  • ​Level Classes 1-3, Petite, Hip Hop, Irish Step, Junior & Senior Levels

    • Girls:  Hair should be in a neat tight HIGH bun with bobby pins, a hair net, and a lot of hairspray. NO BANGS OR WISPIES. If your child's hair is too short, please pull it back off the face as best as you can (half up/two low buns) - our chaperones can help if needed. Natural color eye makeup is preferred, mascara, and RED lipstick.

    • Boys: No make-up necessary, but please do hair neatly with bangs off the face.


DANCER ARRIVAL TIME: For BOTH Dress Rehearsals and Shows, all dancers should arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. (Ex. Show 1 Dress rehearsal starts at 3:00pm, dancers should arrive at 2:30pm.)



Dress Rehearsal - Bring your child to the Welcome Table. Once checked in with their chaperone and brought back to the changing area, 1 parent/guardian must stay so once they are finished rehearsing their dances they can leave immediately. Chairs will NOT be provided during the rehearsals. 


Show Days - Bring your child to the Welcome Table. Once checked in with their Chaperone, parents will wait in line alongside the MBTA fence to be seated. 



Dress Rehearsal - students will be brought out to parents waiting in seating area


Show Days (at end of show) - All audience members MUST exit the seating area promptly after the show except for 1 parent per child. We will announce each class at which point that parent may come to the front of the stage to pick up their child. Please remember another show is happening immediately following, so please leave the seating area and parking lot asap.


SHOW ORDERS: The recital show orders have been added to the Recital Ticket Page on our website. Please review the show orders to find out which costumes your dancer should arrive to rehearsals/shows wearing. 


RECITAL SHOES: If you need a reminder of which shoes your dancer is wearing for the recital, please review the Recital Information page on our website. Be sure to send us an email ( with your shoe needs so we can check our Shoe Exchange before you go out and purchase new shoes. 


IRISH STEP DETAILS: All Irish Step classes will be wearing wigs for Dress Rehearsal & Recital. Also, white socks will NOT be worn with costumes for any level this year. 

MASKS: Due to the recent announcement by Governor Baker, we will NOT require our dancers to wear masks while performing on stage since they are outdoors and each dance is less than 4 minutes. If you would prefer to have your child wear a mask while performing and/or while in the changing area, please email by June 1st so that we can plan accordingly and purchase a performance mask for your child.