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Hamilton Seniors, Jr. Advanced, Jr. Intermediate, Irish Step Level 5 & All BYC Dress Rehearsal

Thursday June 11th 

Dancers arrive: 4pm

Georgetown BYC dancer pick up: 5:30pm

All other dancers Pick up: 8:30pm

(The above groups do not need to attend the Friday or Saturday Dress Rehearsals unless they are in Irish Step Levels 1-4 or Hip Hop)


If you have any questions or concerns about the Recital or Dress Rehearsal schedule, please email or speak with Katherine or Stephanie directly.

*Recital Location*

Dolan Performing Arts Center, Ipswich Middle/High School

130 High Street, Ipswich, MA


Hamilton & MAC

Dress Rehearsal:

Saturday, June 13th

All Dancers arrive: 9am

Tiny Tots Pick up: 10:30am

All other classes Pick up: 12:30pm


Sunday, June 14th

All Dancers arrive: 11am

Show Time: 12pm-2pm, including intermission


Senior BYC

Senior Ballet

Senior Jazz

Senior Tap

Senior Modern

Level 5 Irish Step


Jr. Intermediate BYC

Jr. Intermediate Ballet

Jr. Intermediate Tap

Jr. Intermediate Jazz

Jr. Intermediate Modern


Monday 10:30am Tiny Tots

Monday 3:30pm Level 2 Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Monday 4:30pm Hip Hop - cast A*

Monday 4:30pm Petite Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Monday 6:30pm Teen Hip Hop

Tuesday 3:30pm Hip Hop 

Tuesday 3:30pm Tiny Tots 2


Wednesday 1:30pm Tiny Tots 1

MAC Wednesday Level 3 Ballet/Tap/Jazz

MAC Wednesday Hip Hop


Thursday 9:30am Tiny Tots

Thursday 3:30pm Irish Step Level 1

Thursday 5:30pm Irish Step Level 3

MAC Thursday Level ½ Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Saturday 10:30am Level ½ Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Saturday 12pm  Level ¾ Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Saturday 9am Tot Hop

Saturday 9:30am Tiny Tots 1

Saturday 10am Tiny Tots 2



Dress Rehearsal:

Saturday, June 13th

All Dancers arrive: 1:30pm

Tiny Tots Pick up: 3pm

All other classes Pick up: 3:30pm


Sunday, June 14th

All Dancers arrive: 4pm

Show Time: 5pm-7pm, including intermission


Senior BYC

Senior Ballet

Senior Jazz

Senior Tap

Senior Modern

Level 5 Irish Step

Jr. Advanced BYC

Jr. Advanced Ballet

Jr. Advanced Tap

Jr. Advanced Jazz

Jr. Advanced Modern

Monday 3:30pm Level 1 Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Monday 4:30 Hip Hop - cast B*

Wednesday 10:30am Tiny Tots 

Thursday 3:30pm Tiny Tots

Thursday 5:30pm Hip Hop

Thursday 4:30pm Irish Step Level 2

Thursday 6:30pm Irish Step Level 4

Friday 10:30am Tiny Tots

Friday 3:30pm Tiny Tots 2

Friday 3:30pm Hip Hop

Friday 4:30pm Petite Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Friday 4:30pm Level ¾ Ballet/Tap/Jazz


Georgetown & Hamilton

Dress Rehearsal:

Friday, June 12th

All Dancers arrive: 4pm

Tiny Tots Pick up: 5:30pm

Mon Level 1 B/T/J Pick up: 5:30pm

All other classes Pick up: 7:30pm


Saturday, June 13th 

All Dancers arrive: 4:30pm

Show Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm, including intermission

Monday 9:30am Tiny Tots

Monday 4 pm Level 1 Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Monday 5pm Jr. Ballet 

Monday 6:30pm Jr. Tap/Jazz

Jr. BYC (Georgetown)

Tuesday 9:30am Tiny Tots

Tuesday 4pm Tiny Tots

Tuesday 5pm Irish Step Level 1

Tuesday 7pm Hip Hop (9-12)


Wednesday 5pm Modern Level 3 

Wednesday 6pm Musical Theatre

Wednesday 7pm Teen Contemporary


Thursday 4pm Hip Hop (6-8)

Thursday 5pm Hip Hop (12+)

Thursday 6pm Jr. Modern

Thursday 7pm Musical Theatre


Friday 3:30pm Tiny Tots

Friday 4:30pm Level 2/3 Ballet/Tap/Jazz


Saturday 9:30am Tiny Tots

Saturday 10:30am Level 1/2 Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Senior BYC

Senior Ballet  (Hamilton)

Senior Jazz (Hamilton)

Senior Tap (Hamilton)

Senior Modern (Hamilton)

Level 5 Irish Step (Hamilton)

BoSoma School of Dance - Locations and Hours

Hamilton Location

15 Walnut Road

Hamilton, MA 01982

(978) 977-3262


Hamilton Studio Hours: 
Mondays 10am-12pm, 3:30pm-8pm
Tuesdays 10am-12pm, 3:30pm-7:30pm
Wednesdays 10am-8pm
Thursdays 10am-12pm, 3:30pm-8pm
Fridays 10am-7:30pm
Saturdays 9am-2pm
Sundays Closed

Georgetown Location

52 Central Street

Georgetown, MA 01833

(978) 352-2713


Georgetown Studio Hours:

Mondays 3:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesdays 4pm-8pm

Wednesdays 5pm-7:30pm

Thursdays 4pm-7pm

Friday 3:30pm-6:30pm

Saturdays 9:30am-12pm

Sundays Closed


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